Dengue Snapshot

Source: Deparment of Health Reports, Google Searches, DOST-PAGASA Climate Readings

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Predicted Mosquito Hotspots

Source: Sentinel-2 Copernicus, Landsat

Please allow time to load data. Pins represent intersection of NDWI, NDVI, FAPAR readings. See below for references.

Social Listening: Dengue Trends

Source: Google Search Index 'dengue' (January 2017 = 1)

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Dengue Forecast

Source: Deparment of Health Reports, Climate DOST-PAGASA, Google Searches

Please allow time to load data. Models represent top 3 fitted forecasts for period 2015-2018. Model predictors tested: average rainfall, average temperature, google searches (dengue, dengue fever, dengue symptoms, dengue medicine), monthly seasonality, lagged effects. Please contact us for model definitions.

Advanced Early Dengue Prediction and Exploration Service (AEDES)

AEDES aims to improve public health response against dengue in the Philippines by predicting dengue cases from climate and digital data and pinpointing possible hotspots from satellite data.

The service relies on 3 data sets:

We propose to forecast dengue cases using a combination of:

  • Climate Data: Average monthly temperature readings from local weather stations
  • Climate Data: Average monthly rainfall (precipitation) readings from local weather stations
  • Google Data: Search index for 'dengue', 'dengue symptoms', 'dengue fever', and 'dengue medicine'
  • Lagged values for Climate factors, Google data, and actual dengue cases

We propose to detect likely mosquito hotspots using Satellite data readings:

  • FAPAR: Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation, reference here.
  • NDVI: Normalized difference vegetation index, reference here.
  • NDWI: Normalized Difference Water Index, reference here.

Contact Us

The AEDES team consists of the following:

We welcome collaborators. Contact us via Linked-IN, or email us at